I DM pretty frequently (at least once a week) in a variety of systems and settings. I usually play with quite a large, rotating roster of players, so I've gotten in the habit of doing a write-up after each session to help the players who weren't there catch up. For those games that I deem interesting enough to share, this'll be the place for it.

Alicechan on Deviantart

Maze of the Blue Medusa

Running Patrick Stuart/Zak S's excellent Maze of the Blue Medusa module in Kevin Crawford/Sine Nomine's Godbound system.

Labrys Lamia (introductory post)
Session 1: The False Chanterelle
Session 2: Into the Gardens
Session 3: Timeless Romance

Camille Kuo
Feyfield Academy

The Harry Potter-inspired tales of the students of Feyfield Magic Academy, run with Beyond the Wall.

Welcome to Feyfield Academy

Tomb of Annihilation

5e Hexcrawl in an undead jungle continent.

Jungle Boogie
Session 1: Port Nyanzaru

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